Precast Installation

Irish Gulf Construction are a leading precast concrete installation company with 3 bases across the UK. As precast concrete contractors, we have over 10 years experience in the building of prefabricated construction systems and precast concrete products, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent and professional service to our clients.

Irish Gulf Construction offers on-site erection of a broad range of concrete products, ranging from precast concrete floors and stairs to complete precast structures. Our proven construction methods have enabled us to deliver some major developments.

In-Situ Concrete Works

As precast structures are dependant on in-situ concrete foundations and slabs being formed prior to installation, Irish Gulf Construction can offer our clients the complete package by taking on all associated in situ works to include - reinforcement, formwork, concrete placement and finishing.

This capability benefits our clients,

• By eliminating the need to employ several contractors to complete the project.

• Makes it easier for our client to manage as they are just dealing with one contractor.

• Eliminates the risk of installation problems due to lack of communication between contractors.

• Makes the process more cost-effective.

• Will help to complete the project in a shorter timeframe.


Irish Gulf Construction have the capacity to take on and complete a range of concrete works such as:

• Foundations.

• Pile caps.

• Ground beams.

• Floor slabs.

• Roof slabs.

Any such works are carried out by our competent and experienced concreting crews, in conjunction with our precast installation teams or as a stand-alone project.


In conjunction with precast installation and concrete works, Irish Gulf Construction also complete the necessary formwork associated with these works. Our joiners are experienced in all aspects of formwork and can achieve the required form and finish to our clients' specification.

Steel Fixing

Reinforcement is an integral part of any construction, therefore Irish Gulf Construction put great emphasis on completing the reinforcement schedule as per engineers detail and as part of our concreting scope.

Our steel fixers are experienced and competent to carry out this task to the highest quality and within a specified time frame so there is no delay to the formwork or concreting teams.

Concrete Finishing

Our Concreting teams at Irish Gulf Construction can provide the required finish for our clients as per their specifications to include,

• Steel power float finish.

• Easy float finish.

• Brushed finish.

• Polished finish.

Ground Works

Irish Gulf Construction when required by Clients can complete a wide range of ground works to facilitate the construction of foundations, ground beams, and floor slabs. We can provide the necessary plant and equipment to carry out these works.

By taking on the ground works scope of work we can provide the full package to our clients, from ground up and give our client a completed structure.

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